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About Georgia Tax Appeals, LLC

Carl Wynne, founder of Georgia Tax Appeals, LLC, started in the real estate business in the early 1980’s, building homes in Cobb County. In 1992, he joined Northside Realty, earning the distinction of Rookie of the Year. He continued his real estate practice with Re/Max, opening a real estate consulting business called Marietta Real Estate Counselors, LLCs in 2001. With over 25 years of experience in the real estate brokerage and consulting business, Carl Wynne has assembled a solid, resourceful,  network which includes appraisers, tax appeal attorneys, accountants, engineers, estimators and construction professionals.

The company has long been involved in contesting property tax assessments for both individual clients and commercial projects. Carl has experience as an expert witness on tax appeals in Superior Court. Typically, the firm deals with unique properties that present multiple issues in valuation.

Several years ago, it came to our attention that frequently only the owners of large commercial properties are represented in appeals of their property tax assessments.  Owners of small commercial and residential properties owners are often unaware of their rights to a fair and equitable assessment.  Unfortunately, many owners do not know if they are being assessed properly. In Georgia, due to recent actions of the legislature, you will have additional opportunities to lower your tax assessment and lock that value for three years. We fight until our clients receive a fair tax assessment.