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Residential Properties

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Are You Paying More than Your Neighbors?

Georgia Law not only requires your property be assessed at fair market value, but the assessment must be uniform with other properties.  In short you should not be paying more than your neighbors.   Most homeowners do not know if their property is assessed at fair market value.  Even fewer know if they are paying more than their neighbors.  .  By taking advantage of our Free Review you will know if your assessment is fair and equitable. 

We look forward to discussing your case with you.  If possible, please have your Annual Notice of Assessment available.


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Georgia Tax Appeals, LLC is a BBB Accredited Property Tax Consultant in Marietta, GA

Toll Free 1-800-420-9259  

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Georgia Tax Appeals, LLC is a BBB Accredited Property Tax Consultant in Marietta, GA
  • Our expert staff collaborates with other professionals to design and implement an effective tax appeal.

  • We prepare an opinion of value based upon Comparable Sales, Cost, and Income.

  • We personally prepare and deliver your tax appeal.

  • We document the process.

  • We attend informal meetings with the assessors.

  • We attend Board of Equalization meetings and submit all required data to the Boards.

  • We respond to your email or phone call promptly.