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Georgia Tax Appeals, LLC property tax appeals

Our Guarantee

If, after reviewing your tax records and property data in detail, we determine that it is not reasonable to expect a reduction in the assessed value, Georgia Tax Appeals shall refund 100% of the Service Fee.

What does it cost?

You pay only $99 per Residential Property or $199 for each Commercial Property for our Filing and Processing Fee.  After the appeal is settled you will owe a contingency fee of 35% of the estimated tax savings.

How can we afford to charge just $99 for our Filing and Processing?

We are convinced that we can win your tax appeal!  Our Results prove it.

What do we do?

We coordinate the expertise of our staff and other professionals to design and implement a comprehensive plan for property tax reduction and tax maintenance that requires minimal involvement for the property owner.

Our service is all inclusive.

Once you engage our services your Tax Appeal Specialist will review your tax appeal as follows:

  • Valuation.  Would your property sell for the appraised amount?

  • Uniformity.  Is the appraisal uniform/equitable with other similar properties?

  • Taxability.  Is the property taxable?

  • Exemptions. Have you received all the exemptions you are entitled to?

Upon completion of your review, we will do the following:

  • Contact you to verify information and gather more if needed.

  • Prepare an Opinion of Value based on the following approaches:  

    • Comparable Sales Approach; Cost Approach; Income Approach.

  • Prepare and file your Tax Appeal forms and documentation.

  • Evaluate the feasibility of combining parcels and handle that process for you.

  • Review your property tax bills for errors.

  • Attend informal meetings with the Board of Assessors.

  • Attend all Board of Equalization hearings.

  • Following an appeal, we review the latest records and discuss a plan for property tax maintenance.  

Our Service Values Communication

We answer every call and respond to all voice mail and email messages without delay.

  • We keep you informed both in general and with specific updates concerning the progress of your tax appeal.

  • We provide document scans and file scans upon request.

  • We are honest with clients about their appeal prospects.  If your appeal has weak support, we let you know. 

  • ​We interview our owners, often discovering unique property or income circumstances that change the strategy of an appeal.

  • If we make a mistake we take ownership and do our best to correct the problem.

We value our client’s referrals. 

A significant portion of our business comes from referrals from property owners and other professionals in real estate, investment and law.